Artists' Television Access


November 8, 2021 - November 30, 2014

April Dean, Sunrise to Sunset/A Room for Room of One’s Own (11/8, 11/9)
Mirabelle Jones, Comfort and Civilization (11/15, 12pm-12am)
Cheryl Meeker and Dan Spencer, Contested (1BR) Space (11/16)
Amanda Chaudhary, CatSynth (11/17)
Jacquelyn Shannon (11/20)
Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic and Bob Webb, Husk (11/21, 6-8pm)
Nathalie Brilliant, Maria Dawn, & Sarah St. Leger, Modern Limen (11/22, 12pm-8pm)
Bob Webb, Laurie Buenafe, Pigeon, and Annikah Peabody/Bare Bones Butoh  (11/23, 1pm-5pm)
Ryan Schnirel, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare (11/26)
Tessa Siddle (11/28, 12pm-8pm)
Marcelle Marais, Princess VuVu and the Undead Machine (11/29)
Closing Reception (11/30)

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