Artists' Television Access webzine, Issue #3, Fall 2004


Featured in this issue of ATA's webzine: A Degree of Aversion: an essay on an otherwise advanced society we tend to want to ignore, by James Bewley, former Program Director of New Langton Arts and member of Killing My Lobster; The Un-named Story: a story about family, names, and soap, by Chicken John, owner and booking agent at the Odeon Bar and old car tinkerer; Getting Organized!: a diagram by George Chen, founder of local record label ZUM, music promoter, musician and writer; Sight and Sound: an historical overview on the dubious relationship between sound and the moving image by Sarah Lockhart, Co-Founder/Program Director of 21 Grand, video artist and local radio show host; Degenerates Over Time: a mathematical analysis of the increasing complexities of politics and art over time, by Gilbert Guerrero, webmaster for Artists' Television Access and certified mathematician.

Also included: CCCMMF: a mystical musing on the collaboration of three female artists, by columnist Catherine Czacki, ATA webzine columnist and artist abroad; Lake Vacation Rentals: photo/poem collaboration by Kent Howie, ATA webzine columnist and ATV producer, in collaboration with Kim Miskowicz, financial keeper of Artists' Television Access, filmmaker and painter; The Jump: a new game by Sean Talley, designer and computer specialist; Choose Your Own Adventure (a day in the life of), by Kathleen Quillian, Gallery Exhibitions Coordinator for Artists' Television Access and amateur concepts analyst.