Artists' Television Access


Saturday, May 27, 2017, 8:30 pm, $9

For 31 years now, the OC season is consummated with an energized evening of radical expression and form, with many of the makers in person. Spotlit is Brigid McCaffrey’s Bad Mama,Who Cares, a magisterial meditation on a SoCal desert outsider. ALSO showcased are Mission muse Linda Scobie’s BAD TERMZ (16mm) and Winnipeg warrrior Aaron ZeghersEverything Turns. PLUS premieres from Haverford allies Jeremy & Brendan Smyth (News from the Sun), Michael Betancourt (Beware of Boredom), and Kristin Cato (her live-canted/counted Three, Four, Five). ALSO Nazare SoaresTrapped Between Frames, Kevin Gourvellec’s Lanquidity, Peter Lichter’s Non-Places, Mike StolzWith Pluses and Minuses, and new pieces from Bryan Boyce, Michael Trigilio, Jaco Van Der Merwe, and Andrew Norman Wilson! Free pencils.

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