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Monday, February 5, 2024, 7:30 pm, classic-editor, $10, classic-editor

Red is a driven young runaway who returns to her hometown to track down her wayward father. As she wanders the streets selling stolen drugs to finance her next mission, she reflects on her early teen life through reading a journal that she finds in her old bedroom. Tom, a young drifter, possibly a figment of Red’s imagination, continues to reappear in his ’73 Duster and scoop her up after she runs away over and over again. There may be an ominous conspiracy about a chemical induced sickness that threatens their entire town. Is this a dream or is this just what a town full of corruption and dishonesty looks like when you leave and come home two years later and two years older?

Shot on 16mm film by renowned cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt (First Cow, Emma, Night Moves) and nine years in the making, WARM BLOOD weaves jagged textures of old photos, scrawled letters found in the trash, interviews done in the midnight gloom under bridges, fake news broadcasts and random audio samples together like a freaky quilt. WARM BLOOD is an inverted vision of two lost souls shot in the same town as George Lucas‘ AMERICAN GRAFFITI- A distress flare of a film shot into the night sky. a kaleidoscopic hitchhiker’s guide to the underbelly of America.


Country of Origin: U.S.A
Language: English
Running Time: 86 min
Shooting Format: 16mm
Aspect Ration: 16×9
Sound: Stereo
Year of completion: 2022


Rick Chamoski is a lifelong skateboarder, artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Operating as Six Stair films over the last 20 years together with his partner in arms Coan Nichols, he has created a catalog of films focusing on the shadowy corners of the world often inaccessible to the mainstream. Stories that showcase skateboarding, music, travel and art using the same DIY ethics of the subculture that raised them. Charnoski’s films have been screened in theaters, alleyways and festivals worldwide in programs as diverse as at NYC’s PS1 to the Melbourne International Film Festival and his and Nichols debut feature documentary “DEATHBOWL TO DOWNTOWN was narrated by Chloe Sevigny and their latest documentary feature “The Tony Alva Story” took home awards in several festivals including the Audience Award at the SF
Independent Film Fest. Working on his debut feature film Warm Blood over the past decade Chamoski has drawn from this documentary work and his creativity as a visual artist to weave together a narrative that is both beautiful and haunting in its rawness.



Fruit of the Vine (1999)
Northwest (2003)
Tent City (2004)
Pearl Jam Vote For Change? (2005)
Blood Shed (2008)
Deathbowl to Downtown (2010)
The Tony Alva Story (2021)
Warm Blood (2022)


Director – Rick Charnoski
Story By – Rick Charnoski, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, James Hewison
Produced By – Stephen Fitzgibbon, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, James Hewison, Coan Buddy
Executive Producers – Matt Noonan, Sarah Noonan, Nick Batzias, Christopher Blauvelt,
Dean S Lee, Nick Stewart
Director of Photography – Christopher Blauvelt
Associate Producers – Andy Roy, Selena Spurgeon
Editor – Rick Charnoski
Composer – Josh Landau, Eliminator Records
Costume Designers – Desiree Zondag, Chelsea Green
Makeup Design – Cristina Waltz
Sound Designer – Dean S Lee
Visual Effects – Clayton Graul
Colorist – Brennan Barsell
Post Production Supervisor – Christian White
Starring – Haley Isaacson, Ryan Toothman with John Veit and Andy Roy
Production Companies – Curious Film, Six Stair Films

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