Artists' Television Access


Saturday, September 23, 2023, 8:00 pm, classic-editor, classic-editor

It is rare enough that we have the opportunity to watch experimental road movies, but that such a program would be framed by an introduction and book launch by thee international expert, in our first Psycho-Geo go-round of the Fall season, is cause for celebration indeed! Oft-times researching in the Bay Area during the writing of Lost Highways, Embodied TravelsKornelia Boczkowska is of course especially interested in having her personal selection of artists’ films–all discussed at length in her extraordinary edition–shared with our kino-community. Her exquisite curation includes works by Bill MorrisonKen KoblandSky Hopinka, Peter RoseJessica BardsleyBill BrownCathy Lee CranePaige Taul, and Jon Behrens (RIP). And even more rarities are packed into this diverse review of hand-made, animated, found footage, structuralist, diaristic, and narrative pieces–all on TRAVEL–in a 2-part program that will proudly serve as Kornelia‘s principal West Coast tour stop. Free postcards! $10

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