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CUNTSTOMER SERVIXXX, Judith Horn and Davi Jaberi

Thursday, July 18, 2019, 7:30 pm


CUNTSTOMER SERVIXXX, Oakland, CA(Popcorn pop, deconstructive gender rock, Post-work pop)
“Estrogen” live
Insta: @constantfomo

Judith Horn is a sad girl music project originated by Jeanne Oss- Born on the sandy beaches of the Mississippi, Jeanne hatched from a fish egg with her songs already written in her head. She then grew up in Wisconsin hoping to someday fly to California to learn shitty guitar and bring these songs to fruition. She played random shows in Oakland unprovoked solo style for a couple years until some friends pitied her and said they would play in her band. Now they practice once and awhile and hope to god, it sounds fine. Jeanne’s band mates are: Justin Kohlburg (bass), Brian Tester (guitar), and Alex Miner (drums). Earlier in the spring, Judith Horn released “12 Shorties” which is available on bandcamp.

Wendy, Angel voiced Davi Jaberi is the songwriter and solo magician for Wendy. Life long East Bay baby and proud second generation Iranian American, Davi has been performing around the Bay since they were a wee teenager. Previously in the band Shaggy Sample, Wendy brings you more emotionally driven experimental pop punk. Some of their influences are Teenage Fanclub, Arthur Russell, and their 3 yr old kid.

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