Artists' Television Access


Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Featuring work by: Lacey Johnson, Jared Gruendl, and ART Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl and Queercore (Abram/Chan/Graney-Saucke)
Science Witch (2018) spins a short educational tale highlighting the importance of not forgetting your gay roots.  
Fossil Record (2018) is a hypnotic collage of re-contextualized satellite footage of mega-storms and prismatic geysers, setting the stage for a psychedelic envisioning spell. This music video is an invitation to transcend time in order to consider the human impact on the Earth, possibilities of a world after prisons, and after humanity itself.

Bio: Lacey Johnson is historically a zinestress and sculptress who is currently transmuting into a video artist.

Bythëqirë (Faggot) in Public (2017)

Jared Gruendl using google maps street view, traverses through Albania’s capital of Tirana, looking back to early memories from their first visit to the country and of homophobia. This intersection is now a vivid awakening to their queerness. The audio, setting a punitive rhythm with heavy breathing and other harsh sounds, shifts notions of power dynamics. Having fun is one thing, but when do you cross the line?

Bio: Jared Gruendl (b. Oakland, CA) is a conceptual artist working in performance. They toy with communication, and the act of looking through photography, video, or within a digital realm like Instagram or Snapchat. They have curated projects at B4B3L4B Gallery, Oakland, CA, and the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), SF, CA. Jared holds an MFA from Mills College, Oakland, CA and a BFA from SFAI, San Francisco, CA.
ART Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl and Queercore (Abram/Chan/Graney-Saucke)
ART Heart is: a collage, a mixtape, a DIY documentary and tribute to riot grrrl & queercore’s influence on next generations. This is a love letter to queer and trans teens of tomorrow. 1990’s punk feminism tackled rape/abuse, suicide, mental illness, homophobia, body image, disability and more. Riot grrrl’s art, culture, music, and activism made it a vital political movement. Was riot grrrl a gateway for further arts & activism? What was it like to come of age in riot grrrl? ART Heart sifts through herstory, and refocuses on the frame on race/class/disability/and resistance within riot grrrl/queercore lineages. 

Co-Director Celeste Chan will be on hand to talk about the film. 


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