Artists' Television Access


Saturday, September 30, 2017, 8:30 pm, $7

JOEL SCHLEMOWITZ’ 78 RPM + VICTROLA DEMO + A stalwart figure on the New York A-G film scene, Joel visits the Coast for the first time to debut his knowing homage to the format that put pop music into the hands of the masses. His 16mm—occasionally hand-processed—feature is an inspired and inspiring love-letter to the gramophone and its discs, from their early days in the Teens/Twenties to the renewed fandom of contemporary enthusiasts. Interviews with cultural historians, collectors, and DJs are interwoven with generous samplings of vintage shellac sounds, from red-hot jazz to hillbilly ballads. Joel personally wind ups his own steampunk phonograph, inviting others to try, while complimentary 78s float freely through our time-warp. 

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