Artists' Television Access


Saturday, September 9, 2017, 8:30 pm, $7

MATT McCORMICK’s BUZZ ONE FOUR + OC inaugurates its 32nd year with the Cali premiere of McCormick’s highly anticipated magnum opus—a meticulously crafted hour account of an A-Bomb-laden B-52 that crashed outside of Washington DC!! This still-classified chronicle is finally coming to our screens because…the pilot was Matt’s grandfather! Matthimself flies in from Oregon to introduce this astonishing tale—a personal essay-cum-morality play about the criminal negligence of the Air Force and the utterly stoopid waste of lives and resources that was the Cold War. Veritable pillar of Portland’s Peripheral Produce community, the much-missed McCormick also shares some of his sublime shorts—Future So Bright and The Motion Makes Me Last—after an opening-reception montage of military follies.

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