Artists' Television Access

Material Mortality

Saturday, August 19, 2017, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

There are overlaps, symmetries, and echoes in the ways these makers engage  corporeality, viscerality, and mortality as material.

Every flower has (2016), 6minutes 20 seconds   dir: Sindhu Thirumalaisamy
Razor’s Edge (2016), 3 minutes 25 seconds    dir: Stefani Byrd
Evidence (2014), 4 minutes    dir: Abigail Severance and Julie Tolentino
Winterkill (2016), 5 minutes   dir: Abigail Severance
Molt (2016), 2 minutes    dir: Heidi Kayser
Loveseat (2017), 3 min 15 sec   dir: Lyndsay Bloom
The Destruction of Royal Gardens (2017), 5 minutes   dir: Hermione Spriggs and Curtis Tamm
Wolf Release (work-in-progress)  6 minutes  Bill Basquin
Goats With Westin and Tyson (2016) 12 minutes    dir: Angie Jennings

Organized by Bill Basquin.

Abigail Severance
Abigail Severance’s films consider memory, the body and the powerful act of witnessing. She works in a broad range of cinematic forms from fiction to formal experimentation and essay, crafting a body of work that comprises an ongoing excavation of nostalgia both as addiction and as inspiration.

Angie Jennings

Bill Basquin
Bill Basquin’s practice takes as its root his relationship with those around him and the changes that can occur in meaningful partnership over extended periods of time and with careful observation and interaction. The interventions he makes as an individual – sculptures, films and writing – are magnified and altered by the continuing actions of the communities that he monitors.

Curtis Tamm Curtis James Tamm is from California.

Heidi Kayser
Heidi Kayser works across performance, sculpture, costume, video, photo and drawing. Kayser premiered twelve new sculptural garments from her Lamplight Collection in a runway show at CUSP Showcase at the House of Blues in San Diego in February 2017.

Hermione Spriggs
Hermione Spriggs is an artist and writer based in London. Spriggs’ background in Anthropology and training in ethnographic film continues to influence her time-invested approach to site specific work. Whilst often engaging in collaboration with other artists and specialists external to the art world, her own research is dedicated to articulating and propagating a practice-based field known as The Anthropology of Other Animals (“AoOA”).

Julie Tolentino
 Tolentino creates intimate solo movement-based installations including time-based durational performances, sculptural endurance events and audio soundscapes. She was original founder and creator of the long-running NYC Clit Club (1990-2002) as well as a host of early 90’s queer performance weeklies. She leads customized one-to-one and small group workshops and offers artist residencies at her off-grid site: FERAL HOUSE & STUDIO in Joshua Tree, California.

Lyndsay Bloom
Lyndsay Ellis Bloom (b. Florida, USA) is a filmmaker and artist working in experimental cinema and film installation. Her eclectic experiences include assisting filmmakers Babette Mangolte and Jennifer Reeves, building dioramas for the Climate Change exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and working on the Research Vessel Roger Revelle as an oceanographic researcher for Scripps on a 25-day expedition from Taiwan to Palau. Bloom lives and works in California.

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy
Following the ways in which sound challenges scopic regimes, Sindhu’s work engages a poetics of uncontainability across different sites, cultures, and borders. She often works with other artists and activists, taking on roles of researcher, recordist, editor, and performer. Sindhu was born in India and is currently an MFA student at the University of California, San Diego.

Stefani Byrd
Byrd’s art practice includes video, new media, and interactive technologies.  She is noted for her interactive temporary public art installations that create “empathy training” experiences for the audience. These works are a hybrid of video and performance art that both disorient and re-orient the viewer; in both playful and sophisticated ways, her work draws the viewer into active and often interactive engagement.

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