Artists' Television Access


Thursday, July 27, 2017, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Princess VuVu and Kevin CK Lo present HUMAN TOWN, a gathering of Bay Area’s Techno-Shamans.

A live sonic and visual excavation of archival Super 8 home footage from Humansdorp, South Africa (“Human Town”), a performance exploring psychological transformation across generations, and the digital restructuring of memory within a distorted videoscape of familial ghosts, Lucky Strike cigarettes and unspoken segregation.


Claire Staples will be premiering her music video Yr Perfect (Just How You Are)”

Fleming is the solo music project of Claire Staples, a multidisciplinary artist and care worker living and working in Oakland since 2011. This is the first video for an upcoming video album.

Steven Newell Presents: DAGGER OF YOUR DREAMS

The dagger of your dreams is about a bunch of fucking rascals who are destructive,  this summons a dagger from hell which possess them to sing, do drugs, have sex, and other shit.

Steven Newell is an Alaskan born animator/filmmaker. His lust for the grotesque and abstract got him kicked out of the film program at his art college where he then turned towards animation to express his multimedia dream quests. Steven is the founder of Forest Mist Video, a dvd distribution company which specializes in experimental and esoteric moving pictures.

Waxy Tombs

Waxy Tombs is the pet name of a disequilibrium chamber, used for the cooling process after self-columns have been collapsed or dis-localized. Waxy Tombs is a Bay Area native who explores the themes of internalized urban landscapes, identity transformation and the tension of both the dehumanizing and symbiotic relationships we form with technological interfaces. Releases include Weird Forest, Weird Ear and BradGrammar tapes.

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