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Empathetic Waves

Saturday, June 10, 2017, 8:00 pm, $10

An evening of spontaneous collisions showcasing experimental film, animation, and improvisational audio/visual performances by Jeffrey Alexander, Faith Arazi, arc, Paul Clipson, Gabriel Dunne, J.Lee, and Stephanie Sherriff.



 16mm film by Paul Clipson, live audio performance by Gabriel Dunne

Paul Clipson Paul Clipson is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who often collaborates with sound artists and musicians on films, live performances, and installations. His Super 8 and 16mm films aim to bring to light visual preoccupations that reveal themselves while working in a stream of consciousness manner, combining densely layered, in-camera edited studies of figurative and abstract environments, in a process that encourages unplanned-for results, responding to and conversing with the temporal qualities of musical composition and live performance. His work has screened around the world in festivals and at sound and film events such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, The New York Film Festival, and the Cinémathèque Française.

Gabriel Dunne is an audiovisual artist and SF native who creates material and temporal structures, spaces and experiences as sculpture, installation, and/or performance. His process explores the visual, audible, and physical, drawing influence from natural systems, sensory patterns, structures and rhythms of the perceivable and unperceivable universe. His utilization and experimentation with a range of mediums leverages his fluency and integration of digital and analog media with custom made software and tools. He has performed and shown his work nationally and in internationally at venues including Barcelona Festival Sonar, Interferenze Italia, India Art Faire, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Denver Biennale, and the permanent collection of NYMoMA.

 Live audio by Jeffrey Alexander, live audio and video performance by Stephanie Sherriff

Jeffrey Alexander (born June 17, 1968) grew up in a Baltimore Maryland church, the son of a preacher and organist/choir director. He is interested in using sounds and images to recreate the world behind his eyes, usually achieved through repetition and ecstatic improvisation. Music is the healing force of the universe. Jeffrey has performed in 20 countries over the last 25 years, exploring variations and experiments in folk, jazz, rock and minimalism. He plays guitar in The Dire Wolves Absolutely Perfect Brothers Band, synth and wooden sax in Jackie-O Motherfucker, and occasionally records celestial navigation music under his own name. He was formerly the Program Director of AS220 in Providence Rhode Island, where he curated four international music festivals and booked hundreds of events. He has also been a carpenter, FM disc jockey, espresso bar cafe owner, driven an Amish farm truck, worked in record stores in three states and lived in a van on tour with the Dead for five years. Jeffrey currently runs the A/V department at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He also loves you, as evidenced by his website

Stephanie Sherriff is an interdisciplinary sculptor and performer currently residing in the Bay Area. Her artwork is experiential in nature and consists of time-based installations and audio/visual performances that are often living, changing, and sometimes dying. In her process she observes, collects, deconstructs, and recomposes plants, light, sound, video, and scents in order to create abstracted, ephemeral forms and sensory experiences. She received her BA in Studio Art from San Francisco State University in 2014 and has been actively performing and exhibiting work in the Bay Area since 2008. Stephanie was recently accepted into Stanford’s MFA program for Fall 2017, where she plans to continue her research with light, water, and electrical phenomenon.

Film and animation by Faith Arazi, live audio performance by J.Lee

Faith Arazi is an artist based in San Francisco, developing a body of handmade films by use of optical printers, arts and crafts, and a penchant for playfulness. Her inspirations draw from the abstractions and primal stimuli in early children’s programming to be accessible and include viewers in familiar peak experiences of pure emotions, youthful idealism, transition, and worship for the small and mundane. She is currently exploring techniques in repetition, layered visual complexity, and movement.

J.Lee (captjrab) is a San Francisco musician, songwriter and composer of experimental lo-fi soundscapes. Over the past four years he has been immersed in Eurorack modular synthesizers. He plays guitar and sings for rock band the Rabbles and has been hosting A/V shows bringing together electronic musicians and film/video artists into a creative co-operative community called Synthestesia.

 16mm film

arc refers to a procethan an author. a curve within a void which makes something momentarily visible. material elements used to investigate immaterial states. framing the space of encounter as a site of unfixed ritual and sensory research. arc work has been presented at The Lab, San Francisco Cinematheque, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Massart Film Society (Boston), NDSM Treehouse (Amsterdam), and L’ Abominable (Paris/La Courneuve), among others.

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