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TRACE ELEMENTS: A program of seven films from India, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and the US

Friday, May 26, 2017, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

 Guest programmed by David Dinnell and Adrianne Finelli

Featuring work by: Colectivo los ingrávidos (Mexico), Jem Cohen (USA), Shai Heredia & Shumona Goel (India), Elizabeth Lo & R.J. Lozada (USA), Clemens von Wedemeyer (Germany), Susanna Wallin (Sweden) and Tinne Zenner (Denmark), all Bay Area premieres.

Mothers in prison are visited by their longing children. The atrocity of war is enough to kill horses. In the middle of a stunning landscape lies a factory. The desert of humanity leaves scars on its motherland. An artist’s suffering can heal the wounds of others. Sometimes it takes a storm for people to huddle together. After death, space is reorganized and transformed.

Shumona Goel and Shai Heredia’s An Old Dog’s Diary (2015, 11 min) assembles a portrait of Indian avant-garde painter Francis Newton Souza, revealing the cultural conditions for his work and its eventual institutionalization. Coyolxauhqui (2016, 10 min) by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, recasts the mythical destruction of the Aztec goddess in a searing evocation of femicide in the Mexican countryside. Clemens von Wedemeyer, in his essay film The Horses of a Cavalry Captain (2015, 10 min), draws upon amateur films shot during World War II by his grandfather, a Wermacht captain, in a sharp meditation on the horrors of war, subjugation, displacement and the parallels between horse breeding and Nazi ideology. Tinne Zenner’s Arrábida (2017, 14 min) depicts how time is embedded in matter through a study of a massive cement factory situated in the constructed landscape of a Portugese national park. Mother’s Day (2016, 8 min) by Elizabeth Lo and R.J. Lozada observes children on an annual bus trip to visit their mothers in prison. Susanna Wallin’s Two Clothespins in an Envelope (2015, 14 min) portrays a pair of brothers as they clear out their deceased mother’s house. Jem Cohen’s Helianthus Corner Blues (2013, 3 min) is a fleeting portrait of people taking shelter during a summer downpour in New York City.

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