Artists' Television Access

University of San Francisco 16mm & Documentary End-of-Semester Showcase

Friday, May 12, 2017, 7:30 pm, Free

Join us for a screening of films from the University of San Francisco’s Film Studies program.  Tonight our eyes will feast on documentary projects as well as 16mm emissions.  There will be celluloid & there will be snacks (both edible and filmic).

Filmmakers :

Deborah Leiman, Jo Billups, Carlos de Leon, Carlo Farinas, Jenn Kang, Miles Karstein, Nick Marek, Mason Martinez, Madeline Morrissey, Melissa Oei, Sophie Schwarz, Samson Selam, Tommy Wenk, Caleb d’Oleire, Katie Carey, Lukas Engstrom, Alexander Flores, Sarah Frei, Shannon Lehr, Kelsey Mays, Ryan McCabe, Tatiana Reger, Tucker Reiland, Talia Sourkes.

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