Artists' Television Access

Media for Social Change Final Class Screening

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 6:30 pm, $5

In this collection of works the artists employ their unique perspective, exploring what has influenced their own ways of seeing while offering viewers an experiential journey. The resulting experimental, fictional, and documentary videos utilize metaphor, symbolism and poetic gestures to narrate lived experiences, share personal philosophies and world views, and raise awareness about pressing issues.

Participating Artists:

  • Kika Allerfeldt
  • Robert Borsdorf
  • Aileen Candelario
  • Cassie Davis
  • Eric Fu
  • Juanita
  • Taylor Lorraine Harvey
  • Jo Howard
  • Farrah Kazemi
  • Tamanna Kheman
About the class:
The Media for Social Change course surveyed new media from a lens of personal transformation and artistic activism as a means to create positive social change. This course examined the uses of mass media in contemporary society worldwide–news, advertising, propaganda, censorship, and power–and consider the tremendous potential this medium has to subvert and transcend these uses–through art, activism, collaboration, transparency, global accessibility, and citizen journalism–as a powerful tool in hands of a technologically savvy generation.

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