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Noise Pop: The Resurrection of Victor Jara (West Coast Premiere)

Saturday, February 18, 2017, 4:00 pm, $12

This feature documentary presents the heroic yet tragic story of Victor Jara: from his rise to prominence as a noted theater director, to his years as a folk-inspired troubadour, finally to his horrific execution in 1973 at the hands of a fascist military regime — a junta responsible for summarily executing or ‘disappearing’ thousands of Chilean citizens. Weaving together powerful interviews (Bono, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger), rare archival materials and a generous helping of Jara songs, the film reveals why Jara’s values and music transcend multiple generations, remaining a powerful cultural symbol in the ongoing global struggle for human rights and social justice.

Also included: interviews and performances by such legendary Chilean music groups as Quilapayun, Illapu, and Inti-illimani, plus many younger musicians, among them Luis LeBert of Chile and Leon Gieco of neighboring Argentina. The Resurrection of Victor Jara chronicles a tragedy of the past that still echoes ominously today.  Directed by John Travers, 88 min, 2015.

Plays with the short film, The Boombox Collection: Boots Riley (TRT: 10 min.), by local filmmaker Mohammad Gorjestani.  The Boombox Collection is a series of short doc portraits of underground hip-hop artists.  This episode features Boots Riley, frontman of the politically-radical hip-hop group, The Coup, as he takes us on a poetic drive through East Oakland and reflects on his career, his future, and explains his relentless war against capitalism.

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