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Mike Kuchar: A Program of Ancient and Modern Works

Friday, October 14, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Mike Kuchar in person.

The vibrant, poetic and wild works of Mike Kuchar have inspired generations of filmmakers and artists with their wickedly perverse parodies of pop-culture and abundant creativity. From early 8 mm films made with his twin brother George Kuchar featuring friends from their Bronx neighbourhood to the underground sci-fi extravaganza Sins of the Fleshapoids 1965, his films take the language of Hollywood and make it so ‘overblown it’s glorious’. In the 1990s Mike Kuchar embraced video with the same transformative passion that he brought to his early 8 mm films, and created a vast body of work ranging from delirious teleplays to recent digital fantasies, displaying a unique creative sensibility. Relishing the possibilities of the most minuscule budgets his films are radiant and lurid in equal measure, celebrating human creativity with an undiminished passion and humour for over 50 years.


1. Hushaby Baby (Two Dames with out a Guy)

2. The Fornicators (Need We Say More?!)

3. Candy-Coated Evil (Punk Rockers Breaking Wind)

4. Atonement (Screwballs Go Wild’)

5. The Dragon’s Son ( A Clash of Personalities)

6. Moods for Moderns (Soul Searching in a New Age)

7.  Sleepwalkers (The Sleepless Night Has Shadows)


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