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Saturday, September 24, 2016, 8:30 pm, $8.88

An eye-poppin’ program of ‘Pixilation Prodigies’ that includes TWO live performances!!: Bryan Boyce, Adrianne Finelli, and octogenerian Jackie Jones stage a shadow-play that animates the “Hidden Rhythms” of the grand dame’s singing sawAND Jeremy Rourke debuts his Djerassi-seeded magnum opus Falling Piano Piece, another record-toppling live-musical animation, a genre he practically re- invents every outing! PLUS North American premiere of Martha Colburn’s sex-ed “Pug Adventures”, West Coast debut of Kelly Gallagher’s latest (on Lucy Parsons), Kelly Sears’ “In the Vicinity”, Janie Geiser’s “Ghost Algebra”, Ja’Tovia Gary/Alice Coltrane’s “An Ecstatic Experience”, James Braithwaite’s “I Met the Walrus”, and a pair of brain-fryers by Jake Fried. Free toast’n’jam of course.
x~peri~mental animation

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