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Three Freaks

Friday, September 23, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7

Three multi-disciplinary artists share space for a one night performance exhibiting slices of their ongoing works. Ian Vanek debuts a ritualistic trance performance consisting of a projected short film loop and its accompanying live soundtrack; Cherry Pop 5 creates sounds set astray in a wash of previously unheard random cassettes chosen by candle light; and Ricki Dwyer ends their Mid-west embroidery tour where they were copying individuals text based tattoos to distribute as parches for other people’s clothes. This night is a meditation on the practice of self presentation and collective memory.
**IAN VANEK “Return to the Horse People” 2016

A ritualistic trance performance consisting of a projected short film loop and it’s  accompanying live sound track. The performance is twenty two minutes in length.
After more than twenty years of avoiding Yakima, Washington Ian Vanek returns to his birth place to take an impression, The collaged experience gives texture to memories associated with trauma, ritual and growth.
**Cherry Pop 5 is a nomadic painter, sculptor, and performance artist with musical roots in raw minimal house, avant-garde microsound tape compositions, tape loop manipulation accompaniments and live sample based street performances. Cherry Pop 5 is a recently published artist by the predominantly experimental noise traveling tape label All Hell.
Performing with new material, Cherry Pop 5 manipulates the ambience of a single shared space in our collective experience of existing in a blur. While blending frequencies of fear and the inner child, vignetting light perpetually reverberates off of every assuming object in the peripheral vision. Sounds are set astray in a wash of previously unheard random cassettes chosen in synchronistic order by candle light. The sample built soundscapes re-animate half hallucinatory grey dreams of the audience; reminiscent to images of Daido Moriyami’s Farewell To Photography, Delia Derbyshire’s experimentation in loops, and the dusty magical aesthetic of childhood imagination in Jan Svankmajer’s Alice.
**Ricki Dwyer is a San Francisco based artist whose work swings between social practice and craft; employing the history of textiles to develop work with an underlying thread of building community.  Recently their projects have included building a giant loom to teach radical community weaving, collaborating on an intersectional transportation Rail/Sail vehicle, and going on tour with a sewing machine to perform as
documenter of the Mid-West’s text-based tattoos. This year they were faculty for the inaugural session of Black Mountain School, printmaking faculty for the Oxbow school summer session, and resident artist of Front Space gallery in Kansas City, and Standard Projects in Wisconsin.
Join them in celebrating the end of a month long tour through the Mid-West with performance piece Tim Kerr Made Me Do It. While traveling with a sewing machine they installed in galleries, venues, bars and shows to embroider individual’s text based tattoos. In following cities these embroideries were then distributed as patches for other peoples clothing. This will be the tour’s final performance, exhibiting relics of the experience and remaining patches.

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