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Gott Mit Uns unveiled. An evening with Princess VuVu and the Undead

Saturday, August 20, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Princess VuVuPrincess VuVu and the Undead will be returning to ATA to perform and celebrate the release of her visual album, Gott Mit Uns. Limited edition hand pressed DVD’s will be availabled for the first time ever at the event.

Princess will be joined by special guests Balitronica Gomez performing a durational piece as Phantom Mariachi and EmzEspecial performing her piece The Ritual of Cholafication.

Gott Mit Uns, a dance with ghosts on neurological highways. Performing a musical score with Nathan Verill and Pranjal Tiwari, Princess takes us on a kaleidoscopic adventure through the woefully macabre and erotic tunnels of her mind. Captured in fragments dancing on screen, the moving image unfolds to the song of a siren summoning ghosts of filial tides.

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