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Dada Here & Now: Visual Art Symposium Part 1- Dada Cinema

Sunday, May 29, 2016, 6:00 pm, $7-$10

DadaDada Here & Now Visual Arts Symposium Part 1: Dada Cinema

Presenters Tom Dunn and Christopher Squier discuss the Dadaist use of film and video that utilize a variety of approaches which embrace the absurd and irrational as a means to question or challenge established social values, practices and hierarchies. Some of the video art in this group refers to Dada directly whereas other work is informed by it’s various methodologies within a contemporary context.

This program is part of Dada Here & Now, celebrating 100 years of Dada at Fort Mason May 19 – Jun 5 as part of the 2016 SF International Arts Festival

6 – 8pm Film Screenings:

Patrick Rees
Live Performance, 2012-2015, Duration  00:18
Flossing with Two Cameras (after my dentist), 2012, Duration 3:03
Gil Kuno
Haze, 2009-2015, Duration 2:44
Durden and Ray
Atomic (Collaborators Emily Counts, Roni Feldman, Claudia Parducci, Max Presneill, Grant Vetta and Yoshie Sakai), 2013, Duration 1:41

Katya Grokhovsky
Untitled (Reading the Script Backwards), 2015, Duration 7:00

Tom Dunn
Barbra Streisand Portrait Bender, Las Vegas: Fear and Loathing Returns to the Flamingo, 2014, Duration 13:00

Michael Vale
Augustine, 2016, Duration 5:00

Danielle Freakley,
Quote Generator, 2006-2010, Duration 8:05

Yoshie Sakai
Come One, Eat All, 2007, Duration 5:00

Dada (1967, B+W)Directed by Greta Deses

Arp declared:  “Tzara invented the word”. . . “on February the 6th 1916 at 18:00 hrs.  I was there with my twelve children when Tzara pronounced the word for the first time.  It was at the cafe de la Terrasse in Zurich and I had a bun in my left nostril.”

This brilliant (and rare) film celebrates 50 years of Dadaist art and cinema, featuring a discussion about the history and influence of Dadaism from leading German, French and English exponents including live appearances by Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Hans Richter, all considered some of the most influential and important artists of the 20th century. The film is peppered with film clips and examples of their works including a reenactment of a Cabaret Voltaire performance with Dadaist Jean Arp playing piano. A bizarre and brilliant documentary rarely seen since its premiere at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival.

8 – 9pm Discussion led by Tom Dunn with Christopher Squier

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