Artists' Television Access

Openings: works by Chris Love & Lindsey Filowitz

Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 7:00 pm

Rapid Cycling: series by Chris Love

April 1, 2016 – April 30, 2016

 The series utilizes distorted figurative realism combined with stylized organic forms and pattern, to create a psycho-emotive portrait. As humans, our experiences are often highly nuanced, each individually informed by memory, expectation, and the whims of neurotransmission. These works are a celebration of that complexity: Nervous laughter. Tears of joy. The vibrant reciprocity that gives shape and color to our electric existence.

Lindsey Filowitz: Make Me Up

April 13, 2016 – May 14, 2016

Make Me Up, a series of videos by Lindsey Filowitz, documents the transformative ritual of painting our faces. Cosmetics is a billion dollar industry targeted towards human insecurity. Every day many people choose to hide behind a mask of “perfection,” to become someone else, someone better than the person they see reflected back at them. Filowitz’s videos depict the daily journey from the raw, intimate realm to the polished, presentable self. Through these videos we see idiosyncrasies and flaws that only a mirror would be privy to otherwise. Each piece reveals the painter’s unique style through the delicacy and duration of how their faces are stretched and scrunched. Make Me Up forces us to consider the implications of a heavily female, universally addictive routine whose purpose is to change the way we look.

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