Artists' Television Access


Saturday, April 9, 2016, 8:30 pm, $6

A collaboration, and a celebration, shot in many formats and with a inspiring spectrum of styles! Twenty experimental makers across four continents have joined, Exquisite Corpse-style, the heads to the tails of their respective contributions, towards the compilation of this expansive yet radically subjective ”road movie. Among the cohorts taking up this omnibus challenge are Pip Chodorov, Margaret Rorison, Jesse Malmed, Ben Popp, Charles Chadwick, Stephen Broomer, Dustin Zemel, Reed O’Beirne, and Salise Hughes, and Doug Katelus, the latter slated for intros and Q&A. Locations include Berlin, Barcelona, Baltimore, Seoul, Newcastle, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, the Bay Area (Post Costa and Colma!!), and Seattle, where this ecumenical project was cooked up by Salise and her EXcinema org—an enlightened effort to build our precarious community across national and geographical borders. Come early for Doug’s long-haired keyboard flourishes accompanying The Drifting of the Continents.

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