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Noise Pop : WELCOME TO DEATHFEST + Heavy Metal Shorts

Saturday, February 21, 2015, 4:00 pm, $12

Welcome to Deathfest PosterQ&A with director Tom Grahsler

Every year, metalheads and mutants descend on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor like a brood of cicadas. They make the pilgrimage from across the region, country and world. They come to see bands like Bolt Thrower, Electric Wizard and Neurosis. They wait all year for the four days that make up Maryland Deathfest, and then they rage. But metal is more than blast beats and devil worship. It’s about community, passion and exploration. Sure there’s corpse paint and beer and piss. Fights break out and some people get arrested, but this isn’t “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” This is two high school friends who love music and all that it inspires. What started out as a death metal show has turned into the country’s premier extreme music festival.

While other fests lean on corporate sponsors and beer banners to pay for everything, Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting have dedicated their lives to doing it on their own. They book the bands, they book the hotels, they book the vendors and they book the venue. This is what goes on when no one is looking.

Directed by: Tom Grahsler & Alicia Lozano. 2014. Digital. 75 minutes

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