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October 24th, 2014 FLAMINGOS by Antero Alli…filmmaker in Person

Twin sisters Beatrice and Zoe are in love with Ray, a hypnotist-bank robber obsessed by apocalyptic visions. Though Beatrice and Ray are married, Ray runs off with the more free-spirited Zoe and they abscond to a seedy motel to plot their future together. Meanwhile, Beatrice files for divorce and two metaphysical entities from a dream-like Bardo realm take interest in their fates in this heady cocktail chaser of amour fou, crime, and premonitory dreams. (2012; 90 min. USA) Antero Alli (in person)

When asked what my film “Flamingos” is about I say it’s all about love — how we rush towards it, flee far away from it and how sometimes, when we  stop rushing and fleeing, we find it within ourselves. And for those who cannot stop rushing or fleeing, love swoons and crashes through  torrents of terrible longing. – Antero Alli, director (in person)

The beautifully filmed sequences with the two spirit characters seem on the surface extraneous, but they are actually crucial to the film, as they represent forces which drive the two main characters. The female spirit seems like Ray’s inner female, with her rebellious search for freedom, while the male spirit seems to represent Zoe’s desire to provide order, meaning, and guidance to others. – David Finkelstein (4 stars)
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