Artists' Television Access

Periwinkle Cinema: Form-Function-Fluffer

Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7

gash_03Dip Me In Honey’s Video Show Show #1 

The Video Show Show #1 is a multi-media affair highlighting the work of intersectional creators. An homage to 1+1=3.

Artists turned scientists, biologists turned designers, cultural rabble-rousers, punk scholars, poets, music makers, performers, choreographers, and the queerly engaged. Highlighting the creative ingenuity, critical thinking, love, joy and rage in a medley of disciplines.

The video program is a mix of presentations, interviews, animations, music video’s and disgustingly creative shorts.

-Daddie$ Pla$tic

-Dip Me In Honey

-Dual Power Productions

-Jae Rhim Lee

-Janine Benyus

-Malic Amalya

–with tributes to David Wojnarowicz, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Maya Angelou.


Video program coupled with Zine table & reading material galore.


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