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July 11, 8pm … Cyber Beach Party & nanobytes

Cyber Beach Party & nanobites
Friday, July 11, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7
Cyber Beach Party, Gary Fembot, 20 mins.

Cyber Beach Party is a celebration of e-waste. Techno-trash just has to end up somewhere, what better place than Cyber Beach with host Bibi Brioche, co-host Selexa and the danseparc dansers? Using laptops as go-go platforms and routers as beach balls, the gang parties until the break of digital dawn.
nanobites, Gary Fembot (producer), 60 mins.

nanobites is the other side of the electro-dawn, Feeling besieged by micro-critters and based on real posts from, characters go to great lengths to eradicate these pests of undetermined, possibly man-made origin: move from town to town, rant at the government,perform self-surgery, encase themselves in layers of layers of nylon and find many uses for Epsom salts. Contributors to nanobites: Karla Milosevich, Maria Coomber, Gary Fembot, Chris E. Vargas, Akiko Carver, Johnny Ray Huston and Skye Thorstenson.

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