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see also: Celluloid Poetry and Sinister Wisdom at Bird & Beckett

Catch a dynamic poetry reading by San Francisco filmmaker Elizabeth Block at Bird and Beckett on Sunday, March 2, 2PM;  Elizabeth will read from her new poetry collection, Celluloid Salutations (Blazevox, 2014)Bird and Beckett is a great bookstore and cultural cornerstone of San Francisco. As they say on their Facebook page, they are a “community gathering space and purveyor of culture.” They have an excellent selection of books and periodicals, and host several great live music and poetry readings each month. See 

Speaking of periodicals, I just picked up a back issue of the literary journal “Sinister Wisdom” for only two dollars – they’ve got a stack of this issue, number 74, which is Latina lesbian writings. I’m neither Latina nor lesbian but I still like to read about what everyone around me is like, and what they experience. There is a good essay, “Siempre Chillando” by Edith Bucio, about a working-class Latina lesbian in Chicago. It’s a sweet portrait of friendship, that ties the legendary character La Llorona into a coming of age story and depicts the sociopolitical setting in which the author grew up. Plenty of other good pieces are in this journal, and in the bookstore too!

Bird & Beckett

653 Chenery in lovely Glen Park, San Francisco (415) 586-3733

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