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Double Feature

Thursday, November 21, 2013, 8:00 pm, $4, 0

dream machineTwo short films written and directed by Lawrence Rickford.

Zombie Madness 2013 (21:03)

A gang of stoners find themselves in the middle of an undead invasion. But before they can deal with the zombies they need to get some marijuana…

 Dream Machine 2012  (23:09)

Unable to cope with a recent breakup Tom begins dreaming about still being with his X-girlfriend. Tom begins spending more and more time dreaming and less time in reality. Eventually he must soon decide whether it is better to be happy in a dream or miserable in reality. Music by Tre Burt. ‪

Lawrence Rickford is a young independent filmmaker in the Bay Area. He is a senior at SF State who is currently majoring in cinema with an emphasis in cinematography. He has produced a number of small short narrative films through a small production company known as lonely road films. Dedicated to film, he still shoots in super 8mm and 16mm .

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