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Trance Mutations

Friday, October 4, 2013, 8:00 pm, $7, 4214633 audio/mpeg , 0

tranceTrance Mutations is an on going series of live music that showcases new performance and visual art from emerging and well circulated musicians and video artists / projectionists.

Working with new and ‘resident’ musicians and video artists, Trance Mutations sonically grounds itself in hardware based electronics or analogue components. Magnified dark and industrial rhythms with glints of new age imagery, Trance is about a merging between many genres of electronic music complimented with cerebral imagery from resident and invited visual artists / projectionists such as Circuit 5, Sweet Tooth, and Visual Aids.

Trance Mutations 2nd installment at Artist Television Access, will present solo and collaborative acts including Demon Sleeper, Dilated Ears,  Bonus Beast with Gorgeous Vermillion and I.C.P.C.P as well as having the amazing live manipulated visual work of Andy Magic Pulsewave.


Participating Artists’ Links / Descriptions

Bonus Beast (special collaboration with Gorgeous Vermillion) –

Mr. Beast has been active in the bay area sound art and experimental music scene for the past five years, with many diverse musical and performance projects including Big Nurse, double trouble!, Styrofoam Sanchez and Bonus Beast, in addition to collaborating regularly with many other bay area sound and performance artists. Currently a co curator with Ratskin Records and co-founder of the Lewcid Joosebox label, King seeks to help document the influx of underground artists who are residing in the bay area, in an effort to help build an comprehensive yet accessible archive of bay area artists and performers.

Bonus Beast Links

Demon Sleeper (Sandy Buschman)

Songs about nightmares and lucid dreams


Dilated Ears
Dilatedears is the solo side alternate doppelgänger project of one jsuN McCarty, an Oakland based sound artist. Formerly known as Alienslang and 1/3 of the science fiction noise project known as Styrofoam Sanchez. Dilatedears is all the voices in the night, the bugs, the bodies at the bottom of the lake, the burning car speaking to its memory of the stop light. Political rage, historical disgust, the cyber clown hit by a server falling out of the sky from an orbiting NSA surveillance station. Dilatedears is a misheard plan to remember a future without secrets to sell to cartoon propagandists. The synthesizers left the knives between the kick drums. Dilatedears is a scream textured with analog arcade buttons, digital trees growing diodes and hormone hallucinogen fruit. Dilatedears is music for disembodied mouths that swallowed the eardrum and regurgitated haunted warehouse’s wandered by in-material beings. Dilatedears is folk tech electronic analog insane hiphop time travel for dissent ritualist’s and weirdos welding triangles to recorded retinas.


I.C.P.C.P  is the recent re-birth of new sonic speculation from Micah Danemayer. Working under the name Jungle Jim for the last two years, Micah has moved on to the darker less tropical side of the sonic landscaping and further into a land of obsolete industry, noise pollution, riddled with dark pulsating rhythms. Combing thru debris of techno, noise and music concrete, I.C.P.C.P has returned with his artifacts and is readily constructing a new dystopia of sound for listeners to engage in.*
* New recordings yet to materialize, to see examples of his previously manifested, Jungle Jim Tate Fetus Explosion.

Projections by Andy Magic Pulse-wave

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