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Jawbone Puppet Theater & Poncili Company present: SACRED CANDY (SUMMER PUPPET TOUR 2013)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6

photo 2Jawbone Puppet Theater is a quirky, potty-mouthed, father-son act from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Taiwan.  Poncili Company is a mysterious experimental art collective from Puerto Rico.  After the success of their winter tour, “Dinosaur Saints & Humble Robots,” , they have joined forces once again, to bring you:


Including the short masterpiece “Fire Hydrant Woman gets Tooken Away,” written, designed and directed by the 5-year-old, which culminates in a disemboweled t-rex spewing guts and candies, the show quickly spirals into madness, as a girl meets the world through the eyes of Candywoot, a schizophrenic clown obsessed with the reality of a near, but bizarre, dystopian future, while a man with a bad leg tries to make his way home, and everybody prays to the holy mutant cow in hopes of ending their addiction to candy.  Babies will cry, and monsters will lose their shape no matter how many eyes you have to see them, Running time:  1 hour. Justice -Toy Dinosaur show

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