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Periwinkle Cinema: “Queer Cults”

Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

Featuring the timeless girl gang classic: “The Yo-Yo Gang” (1992) by: G.b. Jones
& the world premieres of: “The Curse” by: Christina Noelle Yglesias
“Summer Stew” by Zique Fancy Lyric & Penelope Musky Sausage
“Femme Gang” by: Lina Blanco & Parke Ballantine
“Smoking DMT on Your Birthday” by: Lindsay Laven
“To: Body” by: Mari Miau
“Camp Butchinson” by: Lauren Soldano
“Freaky Dark Dust” song by Kallisto D’Amore – video by: Rik Lee
Curated by: Lauren Soldano

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