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Rembrandt Laughing

Friday, August 7, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6

rembrandt laughing

Jon Jost’s *Rembrandt Laughing *is a portrait of the passage of one year in the lives of some San Francisco friends, circa 1988 (before the dot.coming of the city), a slow marijuana hazed story which drifts like the fabled fog, encompassing the quirks and habits of a generation that made the city theirs, if only for a while.

*Rembrandt Laughing* sketches the time and place, encompassing the AIDS epidemic, the casual sexual revolution, the debris of ’68 lingering in the air. A quiet, very San Francisco comedy of life among a small group of friends. *Rembrandt Laughing* was improvised over the period of about a month by Jost and his friends, mostly acting non-professionals.

A rare opportunity to get a taste of what San Francisco was like before yuppification took over.

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