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Friday, September 12, 2008, 8:00 pm, $6



DEEP LEAP is excited to present a two-headed demonsterative: Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa & Brel Froebe’s ANIMANIMAL/MAMMAL/MANIMAL, fresh from its debut in Brooklyn, and the premiere of Jesse Malmed’s SICK TRANSIT, GLORIA together in one screening. The programs have been hybridized, genetically-modified and flown this way and that over internets and airplanes, to create a heady jumble for Bay-based experimental media fanatics. In the first of hopefully many bicoastal shows this night brings together recent work from young artists across the country, heralding their commitment to an ongoing conversation.

DEEP LEAP is a San Francisco-based literary zine, DVD and organizing force for cooperative creative endeavors. Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa & Brel Froebe live and work in Brooklyn, NY and are currently involved with Light Industry, Film Comment, The Film Makers Co-op and PERFORMA. Jesse Malmed lives and works in San Francisco and has just released a DVD of his work through Ben, Brel, Jesse and many of the artists shown attended Bard College in upstate New York, where they were taught the value of progressive cinema and collaborative explosions. More information is available at


Curated by BenjamÏn Schultz-Figueroa & Brel Froebe
September 12th 2008 at ATA

ANIMANIMAL/MAMMAL/MANIMAL is an experiment in translation that began as a narrative concerning the history of animals and humans. Sent to a myriad of different artists who each responded in equally divergent fashions. Using these responses, the screening recreates the myth for the viewer.

Expect dead pigs, furry wrestling, alien gods and more…

Curated by Jesse Malmed

SICK TRANSIT, GLORIA is a collection of films and videos hinting towards notions of transit, translation, globalization and movement. The eclectic program is guided by a momentum and internal logic of masked chase scenes through Prague wild/er/nesses, Roman bicycle jaunts, found-footage chemistry experiment graphic films and other unknown cinematics.

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