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21 Grand Benefit

Murder Murder/K.I.T./Cryptacize/Face/SL Morse

Friday, February 15, 2008, 8:30 pm, $7-20 sliding scale

21 Grand

Multi-faceted Oakland arts space, 21 Grand presents a night of energetic music that fuses rock, pop and jazz with experimentalism, to raise funds to bring its venue up to code. This show features performances by: Murder Murder (free improv party band led by the always-engaging Paul Costuros), K.I.T. (melodic experimental rock blasts of innovation and fun, featuring members of xbxrx), Cryptacize (jarringly lovely guitar-driven trio featuring Nedelle Torrisi, Chris Cohen and Michael Carreira), Face (guitar and electronics from the inventive, talented Rose from Zeek Sheck), and SL Morse (Sarah Lockhart’s conceptual project translating texts into morse code, that becomes the rudimentary drum score for percussion-driven improvisation heavy on the syncopation, and erratic shifts) .
21 Grand, co-founded in 2000 by Sarah Lockhart, a former ATA volunteer, with her partner, Darren Jenkins, presents a variety of innovative and experimental art and music in Oakland, where an art scene has grown up around it. Home to various manifestations of the underground, a chance encounter with “the enforcers of the powers that be” has prompted 21 Grand to pursue licenses and permits for its venue at 416 25th St in Oakland  to avoid discovering what exactly “or else” entails.

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