Artists' Television Access



Friday, November 16, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

Syracuse is a city known for its snow, its salt, and its basketball team. Unbeknownst to many, it is also the site of a modest but thriving arts community, with a rich history, especially in the vague sphere (or ball) of video. Syracuse is home to the Everson Museum of Art, the host of some of the first video exhibitions, and the first major museum to house a permanent video collection. Through Syracuse University, many influential figures in the field of video art and the arts in general have emerged such as Bill Viola, David Ross, Sol Lewitt, and Lou Reed. Through venues such as Spark Video, the tradition of video-based artwork in Syracuse has carried forth and yielded rich and diverse bodies of work. Common flights of DIY ethics, performance, documentary, and personal narrative have developed a unique style to much of the video that has come out of Syracuse. This program draws from some the city’s most recent and fresh activity in video art.

Video Fireball is a place for local, international, famous, and unknown artists to present video-based art. It is here for artists who utilize the ubiquitous and elastic medium of video in ways that are unique, subversive, informative, and explosive. The Fireball absorbs and ignites audio-visual communication.

The founding of Video Fireball was inspired by the renowned Spark Video <> screening series, held in Syracuse, New York. Spark’s rich history of providing outlets for local and international video art carries over into a new community and creativity here on the west coast.

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