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Club Sandwich presents:


Sunday, July 29, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

who can forget the academy award winning “my cousin Vinnie” with Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci? Pesci’s attempt to pronounce “youths” as “yoots” sticks in our heads when trying to describe the essence of tonight’s show.

Abe Vigoda played the very first Club Sandwich show back in July of 2006, so it’s an anniversary of sorts, and no one band represents the spirit of precocious yoot like this Chino, CA quartet. Praised on blogs for their stop-start shenanigans and vibrant songwriting, this mainstay of the now-legendary Smell scene in Los Angeles tours in support of its Olfactory release “Kid City”. Yes, they erected a Kid City and it’s other denizens are Talbot Tagora, an offshoot of Seattlite Chris Ando of Mikaela’s Fiend. A softer pop exploration from another West Coast yoot movement. We Quit! from Portland, OR also capture the bottled spirits in their co-ed bass and drums outfit, a mix of prog, Japanther-styled pop, and P-U-N-K. Jones and Mason recently issued a split 7″ with SF’s own Warbler. Hornet Legs has another Japanther connection, as well as connections to Spider and the Webs (ATA veterans) and Dub Narcotic Sound System. John Thill from Pomona, CA practices the art of acoustic guitar songs strummed and lyrics earnestly espoused.

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