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Life in Baghdad after the Occupation:

Two documentaries about Iraqi Women

Saturday, June 23, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

Life in Baghdad
baghdad days

The Tenth Planet: A Single Life in Baghdad
A documentary by Melis Birder

 “There are nine planets in the universe and I am the tenth one” says Kawkab, a young Baghdadi woman, as she describes herself.  Her name means “Planet’ in Arabic and she is indeed a world unto herself, not afraid to speak her mind about anything from sex, love and virginity to her political views. This documentary portrays a more intimate and human side of Baghdad, woven with the joys, fears and hopes of a young woman’s everyday life. 2004, Iraq, 38 min.
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Baghdad Days
A documentary by Heba Bassem

Heba Bassem, a young student from Kirkuk, returns to Baghdad after the war to finish her film studies at the Art Academy. She belongs to the first class of film and TV students who submit their graduation films in December 2005. For her final project, Heba chose to capture the way she tries to finish her study in the semi-destroyed city of Baghdad, where everything has changed and the upcoming elections raise the tension even further. Screening copy: Independent Film and TV College ­ Baghdad. 2005, Iraq, 35 min

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