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Thursday, April 19, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

How to Become a Great Artist

DEEVEEDEE is a video exhibition exchange project initiated by Bull.Miletic in 2005. The basic idea of DEEVEEDEE is to produce DVD compilations of video art made/curated by the youngest generation of artists/curators working in the diverse cultural milieus. The intention of DEEVEEDEE is to create an alternative venue for promotion of video works through an expanding international network. Ultimately, the imperative of this project is to reinforce the creative discourse and expand potentials for further developments in video-based artistic expressions. Additionally, DEEVEEDEE compilations represent a vital resource of the earliest stages of artists’ emergence, often overlooked or lost.

The Program:

curated by Bull.Miletic

“Lovedance” by Mona Bentzen
“Can I Be a Woman” by Kristian Øverland Dahl
“Walk Me” by Camilla Figenschou
“Untitled” by Sam Iravanian
“Blueman” by Andreas Siqueland Knudsen
“Zeitgeist” by Hjørdis Kurås
“René’s Walk” by Eva Ljosvoll
“Intermission” by Tor Jørgen van Eijk

“Globalist Drive,” sound works by Andrej Tisma

curated by Katarina Stankovic

“Walking Through Neverending Silence” by Goran Cakmazovic
“From the Music Box” by Milica Crnobrnja
“Kisses Are Harmless” by Zoran Dimovski
“Feasibility Study” by Jovana Djak
“The Ring” by Petar Joncic
“Alter Peace [Native]” by Milica Lapcevic, Gabrijel Savic Ra, Vlada Sojat
“2005” by Darko Lungulov
“Death Anniversary” by Vladimir Nikolic
“Belgrade-rs” by Bojana Romic
“Tyranny of Theory: Snow” by Milica Ruzicic
“Deathbed” by Katarina Stankovic
“Turmoil” by Igor M. Toholj
“How to Become a Great Artist” by Vera Vecanski & Vladimir Nikolic
“Places of Violence” by Tomo Vukadinovic


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