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tralphaz /core of the coalman/ploc munster

Friday, February 23, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6


TRALPHAZ can best be described as an experience in over-the-counter broken Chinese just talking to 55555 meat cleavers hitting military skyplane side by side electronical sleeping smell. Based in San Francisco, TRALPHAZ has made several live appearances across the U.S. and has released material on labels such as Troniks, Harshnoise, Deathbomb Arc, and Resipiscent. This event will mark the return of TRALPHAZ since first performing at the ATA in 2001.

CORE OF THE COALMAN (Messrs.Ann Joy Ann, Dan Wrath, and others) inhabit the attic where the Comte Isidore Ducasse’s bones have been stored since his death, though they where much picked over when found in the company of a rough legged hawk. The men immediately formed a barbershop quartet dedicated to performing baroque slink slop in concordance with thermoelectric properties. Thus when they where hot, they where hot. That is, until one Bob Doubles found a cure for the baritone in the groups chronic coryza. It was a theoretical cure, and while the predicament was allieviated the geocephalo-cotex was direly affected, and an initiative of obsessive fusion of geological and musical time frames became supercooled and thus glacially motivated. Slow in form but motivated and etched by sunshine continually, in the spirit of biting the hand that feeds one, Core of the Coalman is dyspeptic subtended prescient lacuna.

PLOC MUNSTER, an offshoot of Micose & the Mau Maus, offers a texturally rich and disorienting aural experience; interweaving start/stop blasts with thick slabs of drones, processed field recordings, and crackling electronics with gurgling sounds only a slobbering humanoid orifice can create. With analog hiss featured side by side with digital crispness, Ploc Munster attempts to create rich sound collages that constantly shift, with no beginning or end in sight.

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