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Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk

by Fred Rinne and Marshall Weber

Wednesday, February 14, 2007, 8:30 pm, $6

Bedtime for Bremer map
Map from Bedtime for Bremer a book by Fred Rinne and Marshall Weber

Tonight’s event features the premier reading of Bedtime for Bremer (a fable about the USA in Iraq) by Fred Rinne and Marshall Weber, a banjofied musical rendition of Christine Shield’s (Blue Hole Comix creator) new parallel universe fable The Lonely Bear and Esmeralda Treecat, and a premier recital of Dana Smith and Scott William’s Collect Call from the Spirit World story. A dense melancholy atmosphere will be provided by other unfathomable ditties, bitter humor, and the hot seething charisma that is ATA and Booklyn joined together for the first time to present this fabulous, yet already marginalized, event which barely even nods to the insipid fake holiday it shares the date with.

With your performing hosts, Fred Rinne and company, Karen Switzer has a posse, and ringleader Marshall Weber (Co-founder of ATA and Booklyn) bringing it all, or most of it, on home, or as close to home as possible considering whatever the circumstances might be…

Presented by Artists Television Access and the Booklyn Artists Alliance

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