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xambuca/sutekh/magnetic stripper

Saturday, January 27, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

noise & music

XAMBUCA is the ongoing solo project of a one Chandra Shukla. The approaches to what make XAMBUCA unique are that they are ever changing and dependent on whosoever XAMBUCA collaborates with. Often categorized as “noise” or “experimental,” there is no assurance that XAMBUCA’s next sonic attempt will have anything to do remotely with those presumptive associations. If anything XAMBUCA stays true to the tradition of the musique concrète approach in that it strives to begin with anything that is sound, regardless of its source. Whether found or instrumental, XAMBUCA experiments with them and abstracts them into musical compositions. XAMBUCA has its own homemade recording label entitled, EROTOTOX DECODINGS, which has thus far only released a rare number of cdrs into the public.

SUTEKH is internationally known for his twisted interpretation of the minimal techno paradigm, causing a reaction in audiences that combines confusion and awkwardness with an irresistible urge to dance. For his performance at ATA, he will be dropping the irresistible urge (and his laptop), leaving only confusion and awkwardness behind.

MAGNETIC STRIPPER is the Noisecore/Electro A/V experiment of San Francisco Performer James F. Ellis.

“Too Satanic for Christians……. Too Christian for Satanists……. Loved by none, hated by all!”

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