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The Greatest Hits Tour

Friday, September 1, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5


BoyfriendRobotique IS the cutting edge. They are a troupe of five, comprised of gay straight and trans performers who put on a show fusing vaudeville and DaDa. For inspiration they draw on the Surrealists, the Cockettes, Jean Genet and the Spice Girls; performing a full on collision of the most beautiful and the most mundane. Previously they have re-interpreted Disney numbers (dressed as flowers in breast bindings) whilst sweeping the floor and have also staged a glam rock funeral dirge. Their shows are an attempt at undermining every cherished notion of what a “good show” should be, as such you will hear dialogue to make John Waters blush, witness choreography reminiscent of spiders having seizures, and enjoy the flimsy production values of a high school play. Truly BoyfriendRobotique is the revolution!

Press quotes:

“Like watching Liza Minnelli and the Cockettes form a suicide pact at
Euro-Disney.”  (Time)

“The High School production from Hell” (New York Times)

“If the Dadaists were alive they’d hate this too.” (The Independent)

“10 out of 10; a hoot and a half!” (Vanity Fair)

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