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A Wilderness in Your Heart

Thursday, July 20, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5

A Wilderness in Your Heart-1

      A first feature by Robin Dunn. A unique stylistic blend of Before Sunrise, My Dinner with Andre and Lost Highway. Robin Dunn’s feature explores the light and dark sides of passionate love, eros, thantos and  love of a good conversation. When you’re in love there’s nothing like those long spinning intimate dialogues that stretch time out and widen your eyes and your heart. Julie and Sam the young lovers in question ruthlessly and honestly dissect themselves and the world in an effort to get closer to the eternal mystery of the space between people.

      Robin Dunn (“Sam”) occupies the  suggestively megalomaniacal role of  writer/director/actor/editor/producer  and Anna McConnell (“Julia”), brought her  wily personality to the screen in  this, her second feature.

     ‘Wilderness’ was shot on a  micro-budget with the Panasonic  HVX-200 with expert lighting by  Director of Photography Paul Nordin.

     Director Robin Dunn will be present for Q &A and to hear your  comments, criticism . It promises to be a  rough, beautiful, uncompromising  dissection of the passions and  vicious cruelties of a tortured and  powerful love affair.

Come see it. 

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