Artists' Television Access

Daniel Hintz/Oscillating Innards/Xome

Friday, May 12, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5

ATA presents an evening of blistering yet lovely BrutalSFX noise with a solo set of noise guitar from Leavenworth’s Daniel Hintz. Also appearing are acclaimed noise artists Oscillating Innards and Xome.

Daniel Hintz (a.k.a. Cactus), is a writer, guitarist, and radio d.j., based in San Francisco. Hintz, was born November 2, 1964, in San Francisco. He grew up in California and later Wisconsin, and began playing music in bands in Milwaukee in 1981. Most of Hintz’s older DIY recordings are now long out-of-print, and even back then were initially only circulated in small batches of anywhere from 25-1,000 copies, owing to their decidedly non-commercial and typically lo-fi nature. Several new recordings of Hintz’s more recent noisy and droning and sometimes violent experimental guitar works are currently in production, and are slated for release in 2005.

Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in San Francisco, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound processing equipment. Past Xome performances have shared the same bill with artists such as Incapacitants, C.C.C.C., Killer Bug, Merzbow, Otomo Yoshihide, Seiichi Yamamoto, (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba), Violent Onsen Geisha, Pain Jerk, Death Squad, Government Alpha, TV Pow, Daniel Menche, Kazumoto Endo, K2, Emil Beaulieau, Melt Banana, MSBR, Stimbox, Prurient, Thomas Dimuzio, Cock E.S.P., Pedestrian Deposit, Black Leather Jesus, T.E.F., Sickness, Pop Culture Rape Victim, Vertonen, Guilty Connector and many, many more.

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