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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Presented by unpiano and burgerworld

Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 8:00 pm, $3


“In the not too distant future of 2001… In the not too distant past of 2001, Ricki-Oh (or also known as Ricky-Ho for some reason in the English dubbing) is sent to prison after he murders the drug dealers who killed his girlfriend (well, technically she killed herself). Ricki, a fairly nice guy when he’s not punching a hole in your stomach for trying to kill him, soon finds out how things work in this corrupt prison. The Gang of Four, a group of inmates who run the different wings of the prison, treat the inmates as their personal punching bags in order to keep the peace. They discover quickly that Ricki is going to adapt to their sadistic means and he is quickly at odds with the system. Now everyone is after him, and Ricki’s only means of survival are his fists!”

Things I learned from this movie:

Wood lathes should be used in Rhinoplasty.
Dead prisoners are kept handcuffed.
The inside of your hand is made out of styrofoam.
Kneecaps are ticklish.
Destroying gravestones is okay if it’s for Kung Fu training.
People keep their fake eye in a glass of ice water.
Glass eyes are full of mints.
You can tie your tendons together.
Leaves sound just like a flute if you know how to play them.
You can stop someone’s heart with a certain martial arts punch.
Prisons have rooms boobytrapped to fill with cement.
Cement really will turn you into stone!
Kung Fu masters can split a bamboo pole with their tongue. (So why are they always single?)
Asian women exhibit “Lemming Syndrome.”
Straight razor blades are not food.
Never put your foot through a hot water heater.

Food and snacks provided by Chef Chanklas Chefware • Short Films provided by Hamburger Eyes prior to feature

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