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with live new score by legendary Arkansas noise band REAGAN'S POLYP

Friday, February 24, 2006, 8:00 pm

song remains

Long regarded as the worst rock-and-roll film of all time, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME is the kind of dispiriting experience that even the most hardcore Led Zeppelin fan can barely endure.  With its daft fantasy sequences, incompetent direction, and lazy concert footage (shot at Madison Square Garden), SONG fails most spectacularly at the level of the music: it simply doesn’t rock. Now, legendary Arkansas noise band REAGAN’S POLYP have rescued THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME with an entirely new score, guaranteed to contain no Led Zeppelin music, that elevates Messrs.Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham (as well as their megalomaniacal jockey/pimp, Peter Grant) to the status of experimental-film pioneers.  Witness THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME in a way that no one has:  as a masterpiece of avant-garde cinema.

REAGAN’S POLYP, founded in 1992, has recorded over 25 albums for their parent company, Trash Fish Entertainment.  ATA is proud to host their West Coast performance debut. 

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