Artists' Television Access


Wednesday, May 11, 2005, 7:00 pm, $5 donation

strip mall glass

 “Strip Mall Glass” follows a group of “urban creatures” on their quest to find an injured friend. On their way they meet Veronica Lipgloss, take over a city bus, terrorize downtown San Francisco, celebrate at a busy intersection then take revenge on the city folk responsible for harming their friend. This past January
Veronica Lipgloss, along with 15 people dressed as “urban creatures,” filmed the video all over San Francisco, from the Mission district to downtown and even on the Muni, where a bus-dance scene got kinda out of control yet they totally got away with it. This screening to to celebrate the completion of the video as well as help promote their upcoming release on G.S.L. (Gold Standard Labs,, CD out this July). “Strip Mall Glass” was directed by SF based director Justin Kelly, also responsible for Hey Willpower’s “Double Fantasy II”   (viewable online at and the Mutilated Mannequins “Sharecropping” (viewable online at  ). The screening will also feature an installation by local artist Heather Ciriza, responsible for designing and hand-stitching the wardrobe for the video as well as creating the sets.

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