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The Truth of the Matter

MadCat Women’s International Film Festival

Friday, September 24, 2004, 7:00 pm, $7-

The Truth of the Matter


Which Way
Claudia Herbst
2001 5min Color BetaSP Germany
US Premiere
Through relentless yet enticing drum beats combined with rapid fire editing of animation, still photographs and live-action sequences, Herbst reveals a national tragedy through her very personal story in Which Way.

Kelly Reichardt
2004 11:46min Color BetaSP US
West Coast Premiere
Reichardt appropriates and illustrates an NPR radio interview with the Portland mother whose son Travis was killed clearing mines in Iraq just after President Bush declared the end to major combat. Through intricate sound editing the full story of this loss is revealed with chilling clarity.

Good Morning, Night
Kiyoko Segawa
2004 3min Color Mini DV Japan/US
West Coast Premiere
A surreal animation about a family that tries to ignore impending war…

Carolee Schneemann
2004 7:52min Color MiniDV US
World Premiere
Looped fragments of moments of both domestic intimacy and political disasters create a sense of ambiguous menace both real and imagined.

It’s Not My Memory of It
Julia Meltzer & David Thorne
2004 25min Color BetaSP US
It’s Not My Memory of It is about secrecy, memory and documents. In this riveting video a former CIA source reveals how the agency constructed his false identity. Actual US military footage shows a burial at sea and shredded classified documents are animated and reconstructed to reveal a complex story of cover-ups, the complexity of defining the “truth” and the difference between “real” and “protocol” secrets. Mobilizing specific historical records as images that flash up in moments of danger, this piece addresses the intensification of secrecy practices in the current climate of heightened security.

Call to the Dark Side
Barbara Klutinis
2003 2:30min Color MiniDV US
San Francisco Premiere
Filmmaker in Person!
With an eerie sound track and footage of a boy about to jump off an unidentified ledge, Klutinis creates anticipation and fear of an unknown horror ahead.

The Thief of Bagdad
Diane Nerwen
2003 5min Color MiniDV US
Oil, flying horses and tales of liberation swirl together in this Technicolor action adventure fantasy starring Charlton Heston as a swaggering Texan empire-builder in Baghdad and Conrad Veidt as his nemesis. The film draws on imagery and dialogue from classic Orientalist cinema to depict a clash of civilizations, Hollywood style.

The Invisible Hand
Lori Hiris
2003 12min Color/B/W 16mm US
The Invisible Hand is a hand-drawn history of corporate corruption from Enron, to Halliburton to Marthagate. Hiris uses her stunning craft to reveal new connections between some of the worlds’ most powerful conglomerations.

The MadCat Women’s International Film Festival seeks to exhibit provocative and visionary works that are original in their use of the medium. The festival’s goal is to emphasize innovative works by women that challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual storytelling. This international festival advances an alternative vision by emphasizing work that exploits the medium.


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