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How to Fix the World

MadCat Women’s International Film Festival

Friday, September 17, 2004, 9:00 pm, $7-

How to Fix the World


Boond: In 6 Tellings
Anuradha Chandra
2004 14min Color MiniDV
US Premiere Boond tells a mythical fable of a drop of water that turns into a man. The story is told by four women from around the world. Their interpretation and retelling of this ancient tale reveals the multiple meanings of the story. In a time when communities are collapsing under the pressures of modern life, Boond explores the possibility of resurrecting lost oral traditions and finding spaces to communicate despite differences.

EE Miller & Bernadine Mellis
2003 5min Color MiniDV US
World Premiere, Filmmaker in Person! 8mm footage combined with the interview of a woman who imagines giant possibilities, environmental and social utopia and ecstatic collaboration and struggle.

Floods, Ghosts and Contamination
Jenny Stark
2004 13:45min B/W BetaSP US
N. CA Premiere The film uses the old Mexican folktale of “La Llorona” as a backdrop to depictions of two disasters in Texas, one caused by a flood associated with the building of a dam on the Rio Grande River and the other caused by environmental contamination near an old Air Force base in San Antonio.

Landscapes in Alphabetical Order
Katherin McInnis
2003 1min Color MiniDV US
Filmmaker in Person! In this scenic montage McInnis examines the ways moving images are coded, organized- and archived by using film stills from the Prelinger Archives that were filed under the keyword “landscape.”

Fan (a lovel story)
Lori Samsel
2003 5min Color BetaSP US CA Premiere
An animated look at the love between a girl and her fan.

Amy Harrison
2003 1:34min Color MiniDV US Theatrical Premiere, Filmmaker in Person!
An animated pile of stones works as a parable of the earth’s response to the build up of thousands of years of human activity.

How to Fix the World
Jacqueline Goss
2004 28min Color BetaSP US
CA Premiere
Based on Soviet psychologist A.R. Luria’s research on Central Asian collective farms in the 1930’s, How To Fix The World illustrates the cultural conflicts between speaking and writing, drawing and photography, and Soviet Socialism and Islam. Digital animations based on Max Penson’s early 20th century photographs play against a backdrop of 21st century footage of Uzbekistan, where Luria originally conducted these humorous, conflicting and revealing conversations with the Muslim farmers of Central Asia.

The MadCat Women’s International Film Festival seeks to exhibit provocative and visionary works that are original in their use of the medium. The festival’s goal is to emphasize innovative works by women that challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual storytelling. This international festival advances an alternative vision by emphasizing work that exploits the medium.

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